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McKenna Shoots for the Stars

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Title: Mckenna Shoots for the Stars
Author: Mary Casanova   
Publisher: American Girl
Publication Date: December 27, 2011
Number of pages: 124
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Text Structure: Drama, Family, Sports

Starter/lead/hook/grabber: If you like family, drama,sports this is a great book for you because there's a lot of drama in it. It’s also a chapter book.

Summary: McKenna is a gymnast that was practicing for the national team when she had a very bad injury. McKenna is also having trouble in school so she has to see a tutor. One day  after class McKenna left really to meet the tutor. McKenna didn’t want any of her friends to know she has a tutor. But one day Tulane followed her to the library and McKenna and Tulane got in a big fight. McKenna does not want to be a gymnast any more .Will McKenna still be a gymnast? Read the book to find out.

Reviewer’s Opinion: I think this is a great book to read because they are good for kids in 3rd and upgrade because they are very interesting and attention grabbing books to read.

Recommended For: 8-12
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Awards Won: 6

Reviewed By: Emilee, 3rd Grade

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