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The Dollhouse Murders

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Title: The Dollhouse Murders  
Author: Betty Ren Wright
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: July 1st, 1995
Number of Pages: 160
Genre: Murder Mystery
Text Structure: Novel

Starter/Lead/Hook/Grabber: 12 year old Amy is having a hard time with her sister Louann that has brain damage. She moves in with her aunt at her grandparents old house before they got murdered. Then, when she goes up to the attic, she see’s a beautiful dollhouse. It’s the exact replica of her grandparents old house. Amy tries to find who murdered her grandparents…

Summary: Amy moves in with her aunt because she has been frustrated with her sister Louann, that has brain damage. She finds a mysterious dollhouse in the attic. It’s weird that it the exact replica of her grandparents house that she’s in. Amy does a little research on her grandparents murder. Amy wants to find out who murdered her grandparents. Amy’s friends come over for her birthday. She lets them see the dollhouse. While Amy’s party is going on, she see’s that Louann isn't so bad…

Reviewer’s Opinion: It’s a great book for readers that like murder mystery.

Recommended For: 4th to 6th grade readers            
Related Books: Wait Till Helen Comes and Behind The Attic Wall
Other Books by this Author:  Took, All The Lovely Bad Ones, Deep and Dark and Dangerous, and A Doll In The Garden
Awards Won: Texas Bluebonnet Award, Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award, Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader’s Choice Award, Iowa Children’s Choice Award, and the New Mexico Land of Enchantment Award.
Reviewed by: Ashley S., 5th grade

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