Friday, May 12, 2017

The One And Only Ivan

Title: The One And Only Ivan
Autor: Katherine Applegate    
Illustrator: Patricia Castelao           
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date:  2012                  
Number of Pages: 320
Genre: Fiction
Text Structure: Novel

Starter/Lead/Hook: Do you like sad or exciting books? Well than this is the book for you.

Summary: Ivan has moved into the mall. The mall is sponsored by this gorilla that entertains people by eating bananas. Then an elephant from a circus comes to live in the mall as well. Her name is Stella. Stella has an injury, and the mall owner does not want to pay to get it fixed.  Julia, the mall owner's daughter has noticed that Stella is hurt. Will Juilia ask for help? Read this book to find out.

Reviewer’s Opinion: I love this book because it has a lot of good feelings in it.
Recommended For: 3rd-5th

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Awards Won: Newbery Medal
Reviewed By: Nalani S. 4th  

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