Bravo For Books: The Story

It all started with one of our fourth grade teachers at Mechanics Grove (MG), Mrs. Clow. In September of 2015, Mrs. Clow wanted to give her students the opportunity to share book reviews online. Her goal was to support student writers to improve their writing but her hopes were that her students would then use technology to share their book reviews with an authentic audience.

Mrs. Clow talked with Mrs. Bertana and Mrs. Vincent, the technology integration specialists for District 75, and together they started to brainstorm how a shared student blog might work really well. From there, we talked with Ms. Fergus, the principal at Mechanics Grove, who collaborated with us to form a small team who brought Bravo For Books to life.

Our vision is that Bravo For Books is a book review blog by kids for kids. We hope to gives students an authentic experience with digital writing as they publish their work for a worldwide audience. Because this will be a student-centered blog, we talked with Mrs. Clow's fourth graders to find out what they would want to include in the reviews. We looked at sample reviews from different websites and blogs and brainstormed ideas.

Based on Mrs. Clows' students' ideas, we developed a template for our reviews that we will hope will help other readers find great books.

Mrs. Clow's students also created this video to share Bravo For Books with all students at Mechanics Grove.

Now Bravo For Books is a place where MG students share the love of books! Bravo for books!